PGI Lakonia Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Metalic Tube)

The Artius PGI Lakonia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an exceptional EVOO coming from the province of Lakonia of southern Greece. It is well known for its distinct taste that can be characterized by a full, fruity flavour with peppery notes which makes it ideal for enjoying with salads and many cooked meals.

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Olive oil is graded by the level of acidity, or free oleic acid. The amount of free oleic acid in olive oil indicates the extent which fat has broken down into fatty acids. Extra Virgin Olive oils (EVOO) meet strict standards regarding their acidity which cannot be higher that 0.8%. The Artius Olive Oils exceed those requirements ensuring an acidity of less that 0.4% and are the highest quality olive oils that you can buy. Our olive oil is unrefined which maintains its natural vitamins, minerals and healthy properties found in extra virgin olive oils.

*PGI is an EU scheme known as Protected Geographical Indication, which promotes and protects names of quality agricultural products and food stuffs.

Acidity Less than 0,4%
Appearance Gold
Scent Pungent, fruity
Taste Balanced
Origin Lakonia, Greece
Combine With Salads, legumes
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