Whole Black Kalamata Olives 330g

Known for their distinct almond shape and deep purple colour, the Artius Kalamon whole black olives these are found in the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece and have been a staple of the Mediterranean diet for centuries. Kalamata olives contain a high nutritional value, rich in iron and vitamin A.  Artius black Kalamata olives are allowed to ripen before they are picked, in order for them to reach you in perfect condition. They are usually harvested in late fall. 

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Greece with its mediterranean climate is the perfect home for the olive tree. 

They are black, olive shaped and they are hand-picked in order to avoid bruising. This is the reason they are firm, crispy and they have a fruity flavor. This succulent delicacy both thrills the palate and enhances your general health as it is full of vital ingredients.

Kalamata olives are grown in the Peloponnese specifically in Kalamata and they have a Protected Geographical Indication of origin. These world renowned olives have very specific characteristics which make them extraordinary delicious and so loved all over the world.

They also contain polyphenols which are good for the heart.

Appearance Almond shape
Seasonality Late fall
Taste Mild, fruity
Υφή Smooth
Origin Peloponnese, Greece
Combine With Bread, legumes, salads
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