Sesame Bar with Fig (90g)

Artius handmade sesame bars are made from sesame, honey and a wide variety of dried fruits. This bar comes individually packaged and is 90 grams, containing dried figs.

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Artius handmade sesame bars are made from sesame, honey, and a wide selection of dried fruits, (blueberry, cranberry, fig, orange, bergamot, prune). Finally the recipe contains almonds. They are a high energy snack which is filling, satisfying and healthy. Sesame is an excellent source of calcium and our “pasteli”* offers a delicious way to incorporate those numerous nutritional benefits in your diet.

Sesame bars, or pasteli* therefore has few ingredients, but a great deal of history behind it. The first knowledge we have about this iconic sweet dates back to the Homeric era, where a dish made of honey and sesame was used to give energy to Greek warriors who were battling in the Trojan war.

*Sesame bars are known as “Pasteli” in Greece

Appearance Parallelogram bar
Taste Profile Sweet with mild and nutty flavour
Συσταση Roasted sesame with dried fruits
Scent Honey with sesame tones
Υφή Soft
Combine With Coffee, Tea
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