Our Philosophy


Artius mission statement

We are committed to bring to all our customers the best Greek products that will meet and surpass their expectations.


Artius philosophy

To bring to our customers, under our brand, all the goodness and pleasure of the Mediterranean diet by offering them Greek authentic products.

Artius strategy

We have combed all of Greece to find certified local artisan producers who make the best natural products. We have selected the best, and, are offering them under the Artius brand, some of which are available for the first time outside Greece.


Artius aim

To bring the healthy benefits of the Greek cuisine which is based on the use of vegetables, legumes, pulses and olive oil to an ever wider audience.



Artius products

Bearing in mind the world renowned qualities of the Greek diet we have selected items that are perfect on their own but can be combined to produce dishes that are both healthy and tasty.


Greek cuisine

The Greek diet is based on olive oil.  No other nation consumes the quantity of olive oil that the Greeks do.  This is because Greeks use olive oil to cook, fry, roast, marinade, baste and bake and use   it fresh in their salads.  In addition, it must be pointed out that most Greek oil is virgin oil which means it is unrefined and consequently has a higher nutritional value.

The climatic conditions as well as the geological terrain and low industrialization mean that only small farmers who use traditional natural cultivation methods can farm, therefore, their products although not officially certified, are organic.

So when we define the Greek cuisine we mean high consumption of vegetables, fruit, pulses, cereals, fish and less of meat.  All these are cooked in olive oil and there is no use of butter, cream or other saturated fats.