Greek Coffee with Natural Mastic Grains from Chios

Artius coffee with ”mastiha” is the finest coffee, made from beans that have been blended, roasted and grounded with mastic to produce a superb quality of Greek coffee. This refined product has an aroma and flavor that excites the senses and aspires to bring the flavor of the exotic.

Combined with the aroma and flavor of “mastiha”, (a product which has a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and can be found only in Chios,) Artius coffee reaches new levels of pleasure.

Prepare and serve this unique coffee in your social gatherings and your guests, will both be stimulated and enchanted by its superb quality, flavor and taste.

Finally, just a quick word on the medicinal properties of both coffee and “mastiha” which combined have benign and beneficial properties.

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